Property Management


MHG's elite operations team provides the necessary tools and support to ensure hotel excellence. We are a hands-on organization and senior executives support daily operations through active communication.

We strategically recruit talented individuals who bring both skill and experience to their positions at each property. Our training programs are extensive, setting the tone for expectations of excellence while empowering associates to be leaders in brand ambassadorship. 

Group and one-on-one training for all associates is a key commitment of the operations team and remains an ongoing priority.

Finance & Accounting

Each hotel property targets monthly financial performance goals supported by its management team and sales support staff. MHG's Operations Manager performs a detailed, monthly analysis of each property's finances, ensuring the management team is adhering to the budget and pre-established goals.

Our accounting and finance professionals use state-of-the-art processes, allowing for compliance and transparency with all record-keeping requirements.

Revenue Management

MHG's revenue management specialists are responsible for analyzing and optimizing revenue from all available channels at each property.

Our team's analytical skills combined with knowledge of hotel sales, reservation systems and guest needs drive revenue growth. We collaborate with franchise partners, third-party channel representatives and all available sources to ensure rates are positioned without sacrificing brand integrity or occupancy.

Sales & Marketing

Strategic sales and marketing targets produce peak market share results across our portfolio. We begin by recruiting, developing and retaining the best talent in our industry. MHG's sustainable sales culture is fruitful because of our “everyone sells” culture and creative, revenue-generating mindset. Once effectively trained, our teams are empowered to create their destiny and produce quantifiable results.

MHG consistently proves that our effective sales and marketing techniques surpass those of our competition.

Creative digital and traditional marketing strategies inspire a competitive advantage. We promote brand awareness and target our niche clientele. Our strategic techniques build client retention, support market share development and increases profitability margins.

Risk Management

Our risk management initiatives provide the tools to assess and control risks, improve loss experience and allow the most competitive insurance value possible. We support our teams with risk awareness programs for achieving safety and financial goals.

MHG associates play a critical role in implementing risk management programs and monitoring cost effectiveness through safety awareness training.

Our professionals supervise claims, investigations and legal actions in accordance with each state's requirements.


Our guests' first touchpoint with a hotel usually comes through digital communications, which is why MHG believes today's tech-forward culture requires close attention to both guest expectations and associates' needs for the latest in technology advancements.

We are committed to investing in the highest quality Internet and telecommunications products and services at both our corporate headquarters and the individual properties to ensure exceptional  access and performance.