New Developments

As an innovative company, our development team is aggressively seeking new development. A strong outlook for hotel performance in a liquid market, there is an imminent need to pursue development of new-build hotels where there are distinct of opportunities. We research opportunities for the future. We prefer to manage our development growth in order to have a number of projects in the pipeline at all times in diverse segments and locations.

It takes experience to successfully conceive, design, finance, build and open a hotel. This is why our team goes through careful due diligence, extensive analysis and evaluation with every project. Each market is different, and every opportunity must align with the company's vision.

Matching each brand for each marketplace is an area of expertise. We research franchise-building incentives, and explore all opportunities. We only partner with the elite franchisors and utilize their marketplace position as a barrier to entry.

MHG Hotels has a particular culture of commitment to its investors. We are passionate about our responsiveness to our development objectives and goals.